Our Commitment:

We’re committed to offering the best price available. If, within 24 hours of making your booking or researching your accommodation, you find a lower, publicly available price, we'll match that price.

To qualify for our price match guarantee, the rate you have seen must:

  • Be live and available at the time you call (we recommend you take a screenshot of the webpage and have it to hand when you speak to us)
  • It must apply to the same dates, room type, the number of guests and be subject to the same booking and cancellation policies.
  • The rate must be quoted in US currency

The following do not qualify for our price match guarantee:

  • Rooms booked through unauthorised travel agents or bought through a resale site, or promotional or exclusive rates offered through any other third party
  • Specially negotiated rates such as travel agent, staff or corporate rates; those obtained via a limited-time promotion, promo code, membership rates available to subscribers or members of a website; or any other rate that is not available to the general public
  • Rates with a 3% difference of the rate quoted on the hotel’s website
  • Rates that include flights, transfers, excursion or any add-ons

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can you only match rates up to 24 hours after making my booking or during your accommodation search?

Rates are constantly being updated, with more and more booking channels using dynamic pricing (meaning they are changeable based on demand). We ask that the rate is still viewable at the time our team reviews the rate you have found.

Why must the rate still be live at the time of my submission?

This allows us to view the website while the lower price is live and bookable. Without the ability to review the rate found and assess it against our terms, we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to match it.

Why won’t you match a price I’ve found if it’s less than a three percent difference?

Our suppliers work with us in US currency but then convert to their preferred legal tender or the legal tender of the guests. This means there will sometimes be a small difference around the rate conversion and in some cases, supplier margin which we have no control of. In such instances, we are unable to match.

What information do I need for submission of my Price Match Claim?

We require the rate/room charge to be publicly available at the time of your contact with our team. The booking details to be identical to what is available on our website – dates of stay, the number of guests, room type, cancellation, and deposit policies. The rate must be a “hotel only or accommodation only”.

The hotel cannot price match any rate that includes flights, transfers, excursion or any add-ons. We cannot match the hidden or offline rates extended elsewhere. This means that, if the rate you have found is a members-only offer with another online travel agent – accessible by signing in to that site – then this is not deemed publicly available and does not qualify for our price match guarantee.

 What counts as an unauthorised site?

As the travel industry grows, so does the number of sites offering rates for our hotels. Sometimes, the hotel is not aware of all the subsidiaries and agencies sharing rates and inventory. Sometimes, these sites offering lower rates are doing so without authorisation and cannot be substantiated.