5 Tips for Hiking the Pitons

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While you’re visiting this beautiful island, laying out by the pool and indulging in a tropical drink may be a top priority to you. There are also probably tons of activities and places of interest you’ll want to visit, the most popular being, the historic Pitons of Saint Lucia.
If you’re up for the slightly rigorous, but amazing experience of hiking this mountain pair, here are some tips to help you make it to the top!

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1. Pack a backpack

Bringing a backpack is essential for carrying the few items we’ll mention later in this article, plus your wallet/purse, any medication you may need and so on. The admission for hiking the Pitons is around USD$50, so it will be necessary to keep your cash safe. Plus, hiking with the backpack, as opposed to a ‘fanny pack’ or one-strapped bag, will keep your hands free and won’t put a strain on your back.

2. Add sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat

To your backpack, we suggest adding your sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, after all, you are in the tropics. Pack these items to help protect your skin and eyes from the sun and add a washcloth or towel to your bag to help wick away any perspiration.

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3. Bring lots of water

If you can’t pick up any water prior to your trip don’t worry. Vendors are stationed at the beginning of the hike, who sell water and other necessities. What is important, is how much water you have. The hike is estimated to take about four hours and as the day progresses, it usually gets hotter, unless it’s a rainy day. It is suggested that you purchase about one and a half litres or more per person to ensure you stay hydrated enough to make it to the top and back.

4. Wear your most comfortable trainers

After all, it’s a hike! While the trail is improved with rails, steps and a few benches to rest along the way, it becomes quite steep as you climb higher. Wearing comfortable trainers will help give your feet and by extension, your back and knees especially, the support they need. As you ascend, the chances of rain become more likely, the traction on your shoes will help to keep you balanced as you traverse over wet rocks.

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5. Begin early

The first tour usually begins at 7am.  Starting early will help you avoid hiking through the especially hot midday sun as it takes approximately four hours to hike up and down the mountain. Arriving early will also give you the option of staying at the top longer to explore.

We hope these tips help you on your trek to one of the most beautiful views you could experience. Let us know on our Instagram (@beljouhotel)!