The Only Way to Experience the Pitons-By Catamaran

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When planning your trip to St. Lucia, you will come across a ton of exciting activities to immerse yourself in; from hiking to diving to zip-lining, partying, eating or simply relaxing on a gorgeous beach. But even with all the beautiful greenery and scenery and thrilling experiences and attractions around St. Lucia, nothing beats the classic Pitons. While a hike is the typical way to explore the majestic mountains, why not add a twist by hopping on a catamaran?

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“Why a catamaran,” you may ask.

Well, for one, sailing toward this famous mountain pair is perhaps the most breathtaking site that you’ll ever see and one you’ll definitely remember. Exhibit A:

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But besides that, a catamaran cruise is a great way to maximize your vacation time by allowing you to experience a little more of St. Lucia in a more compact but luxurious package.

While most cruises provide the standard lunch or snacks, drinks and a stop to frolic and snorkel in the warm tropical waters, there are plenty of options and several variations to choose from which may cater to your specific interests and make the stops you want to see most! Sail by Marigot Bay and Anse Cochon, or make a stop at the healing Sulphur Springs or the graceful Toraille Waterfall.

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Regardless of how you choose to explore them, the Pitons remain breathtakingly beautiful and offer their charm for you to experience however you please. We suggest by catamaran, however, if you’re looking for the excursion of a lifetime.

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