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A beach located right beside an airport seems like a big deterrent to anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing beach day. On the contrary, however, Vigie Beach, the stretch of beautiful white sand running alongside the George F. L. Charles Airport (formerly Vigie Airport), is quite the opposite. Since it’s not the main airport the area isn’t as noisy as one would expect. The presence of the airport has also discouraged most hotels which means the beach is relatively peaceful and clean.

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Found in North Castries, Vigie Beach is removed enough from the hustle and bustle of the main city that it is not overly crowded, but not completely secluded so you can still relax in safety. Make a day of this excursion and visit the heart of Castries and grab a bite or get some shopping before or after visiting the closeby beach as it’s only a short walk or taxi ride away.

Closer to the airport, are restroom facilities as well as several vendors selling delicious fish and other local delicacies if you work up an appetite. There are also vendors renting beach chairs and umbrellas though it may not be necessary since there’s tons of shade at Vigie Beach. If you’re looking for calm blue waters, an undisturbed day to relax and delicious food; the essence of Caribbean living, then Vigie Beach is the stop to make.

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