5 Tips on Planning a Destination Wedding

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Considering a destination wedding is a big decision to make. Determining a country, the guest list, and the wedding package are only a few of the questions you have to ask yourself amongst many.

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Now that it seems you’ve got the destination down, breathtaking Saint Lucia, and are considering executing your big day the Bel Jou way, there are only a few more steps to take before the final leap into wedded bliss. As the experts in wedding planning, we can guarantee that your big day will be just as you envisioned it, but there are some tips for you to consider that will make this usually hectic process run a bit more smoothly. We have compiled this list so that you can spend your time relaxing, exploring our beautiful island and connecting with your friends and family rather than stressing.

Now here comes the bride...I mean guide on how to best plan your destination wedding.

1. Communication is important!

Communication with everyone! Your guests, your partner, travel agents and most importantly your wedding planner! First, be sure you and your partner have come to a final decision on the logistics of your trip, like budget, activities for your friends and family, wedding packages and so on. Communicate with your attending guests on what to pack for certain activities and how much money they may need. Finally, be in contact with your wedding planner. We try to make this day perfect, and with your help this can be easily achieved. With a range of options and add ons, providing us with a clear vision of your ideal day will greatly assist us in making it the day you’ll never want to forget.

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2. Arrive early

Arriving a few days before your guests will definitely free up your schedule when it’s time to bond with them. Solidify plans and tie up loose ends so you can spend the days leading up to your wedding relaxing.

3. Tailor your clothes to your destination

Saint Lucia is a tropical island and can get a bit humid. While having the dress of your dreams is pertinent, consider breathable materials like cotton or lace so you’re not only beautiful but comfortable as well. Similarly, consider shorts, short-sleeved shirts or light shirts for the men as well.

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4. Prioritize and choose the best package for you

It may be more important for you to have a great reception with your guests than an extravagant ceremony, or to splurge on the honeymoon instead. We know it’s important for the time to be everything you ever imagined but prioritizing your needs is a great help when budgeting. If photos are important, then prioritize paying a little extra for more photos or for the photographer to stay throughout the reception or even video.

5. Consider what you can and cannot bring with you and what you need

To perform a legal ceremony there are certain documents you need to provide like a passport and birth certificate et cetera. Be sure to ask about these when planning.
Besides that, be sure to take your outfits for the day and any other important items in your carry on luggage to avoid mishaps like lost luggage. Similarly, be prepared to purchase items when you arrive that may be not be allowed on flights or may be too bulky to carry.

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Bonus: Maximize your relaxation time
This is one of the biggest events in your life and many people often look back and say they can barely remember the day. We curated these tips to help reduce the stress of planning so that when your day comes, you can enjoy it. You should spend the day before your wedding relaxing in Sugar Cane Spa getting a couples massage or exploring the wonderful island of Saint Lucia and we’re here to make sure you do just that.

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